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The Products
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We have three great product lines for you to choose from.  Click on any of the below links to begin your journey into Balnaced_Living!
If you would like to set up a subscription/monthly order for any of these products, email me and I'll help put the process in motion.  Know your products will arrive when You need them.
Pricing varies and is based on items in the individual orders but will be set at discounts, for these orders.

Put "Monthly Ordering Info" in Subject Line of Email.

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Many Essential Oils repel virus, bacteria, and other microbes.

Essential Oils are highly aromatic and therefore, many of the benefits can be obtained by simply inhaling them. This can be done by breathing in the fragrance from the bottle, or they can be diffused into the room.

When diffused, Essential Oils can be the best air filtration system in the world. They will:

(1) Purify, by removing metallic particles and toxins from the air. (2) Increase atmospheric oxygen. (3) Increase ozone and negative ions in the house, which inhibits bacteria growth. (4) Destroy odors from mold, cigarettes, and animals. (5) Fill the air with a fresh, herbal aromatic scent.


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We have what you are looking for. Is it renewed Health? Are you struggling with a Weight loss goal? Or are you searching for a great Anti-Aging product? We even have skincare for men & women. Email me for a quote on monthly ordering discounts.

The Trivita Way
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Setting the standard for nutritional excellence.
When you think about health, do you envision a dedicated jogger or someone working out at the gym?  In todays world, this is the most common perception of health.

The reality is, however, that health complete health is about much more than muscle tone and endurance.  Your physical health has a profound impact on your overall health, but it is not the only contributor to complete health.

The Joy of Healthy Living
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