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For the Kids
AWESOME ARCADE GAMES! These games will put your skills to the test!
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This month's featured story!!

ADD Kid Is now Advanced, Dedicated and Delightful having a 4-year-old diagnosed with attention deficit disorder (ADD) was tragic for Debbie King of Warwick, RI.

 “Since Ryan was our only son, we used to think his hyperactive behavior was normal for boys,” she recalls. “After he was diagnosed with ADD by a neurologist and we were advised to start him on medication, we felt hopeless.” The couple decided to give Ryan Reliv Now and Reliv Innergize when he developed scarlet fever as a result of the strep viruses he continually fought. “His immune system was shot, so I thought the products would give him a boost,” Debbie recalls. “I had no idea how they would impact his ADD.”

 Four months after taking the products, Ryan's teacher said he no longer needed to be in special classes. Another wonder to Debbie, was the first night he read a bedtime story to her. “Ryan's in 6th grade now and has been a straight A student all through school,” she says. “In the past two years he has placed in the top 90th percentile in national aptitude tests and he's never sick.”

We were so touched by this story we had to share it with you all. Debbie adds, “Everyone I know has a child or knows someone with ADD. We can help these kids — Ryan is proof.”

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