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The average Western diet lacks crucial nutrients our bodies need for optimum performance. Without these elements, we leave ourselves vulnerable to disease and fatigue. More alarming yet is the fact that, even if we ate the recommended balanced diet, we would still be unable to consume the necessary quantity and quality of many key nutrients. That's why medical experts the world over endorse the importance of supplementation for everyone.

Reliv lays the foundation for optimal health with our selection of essential daily nutritional supplements. Available in either a vegetarian or non-vegetarian formula, our Essential Nutrition provides the broad spectrum of vitamins, minerals, herbs, proteins, amino acids, and antioxidants everybody needs to function at their peak. Each ingredient is continually monitored for purity and quality to guarantee you receive the micro nutrients you need. And every formulation is specifically designed to optimize and enhance the benefits of each nutrient.

Target Your Special Needs

Balanced essential nutrition provides a solid foundation for good health. Yet, age, gender and lifestyle can put added stresses on the body. To solve these special needs, Reliv developed a unique line of Functional Formulas that work hand-in-hand with our Essential Nutrition to provide total nutritional support.
Whether you're interested in athletic performance, weight loss, women's health, joint support or disease prevention, Reliv has a Functional Formula just right for you.

The Power of Powder

You may wonder why Reliv products come in powdered rather than pill form. The answer is simple bioavailability. When Reliv formulas are mixed with water, they are ready to be absorbed by the body. As soon as you drink a flavorful Reliv shake, it goes to work, fortifying your system with the nutrients it needs to repair, restore and enhance functioning at the cellular level. Pills take time to dissolve, reducing the potential for nutrient absorption. Besides, our shakes taste great!


Classic is a powdered soy food supplement that you add to any cold liquid and drink twice a day. This product was developed through 10 years of cellular studies by Dr. Theodore Kalogris. Dr. Ted found that a healthy, living cell from any part of the human body has 72 elements in an exact balance and ratio. He put together this formulation that has all 72 elements PRESENT AT THE SAME TIME, and just as importantly, IN THE EXACT BALANCE AND RATIO as they are found in a healthy human cell. No need to guess what you need or how much. No need to take 49 pills a day that may or may not give you results.

Reliv is easy, complete, cost-effective, and most importantly, achieves RESULTS. Reliv Classic is so unique it's patented. Reliv even offers a money-back guarantee. Click here for Reliv Classic Ingredients.

Suggested First Orders

Health Issues***
Prevention, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Low Energy, Stress, Allergies or Asthma
(Classic or Now) and Innergize
High Cholesterol or High Blood Pressure
Soysense and Fibrestore
Arthritis or Joint Pain
Over 30 Years Old
Revers Age
High Physical Activity
Innergize and Pro-Vantage
***These products will not cure the illness, but they may help relieve the symptoms.  You can order safely and securely from this link. Order form

Reliv even offers a money-back guarantee.  Please take a moment to fill out this quick form.  We regard your privacy as very important. Review our Privacy Policy if you have any concerns.  Your feedback helps us continue to offer the best service to each of you. You can also receive our monthly Free newsletter.

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