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Carol Ford of Mansfield, Mass.

Having suffered from migraines and daily headaches since the age of 12 Carol lived on pain relievers that didn't work.

"I had been a single parent for 17 years and worked 60 to 70 hours a week in real estate - my stress levels were extremely high," she says. "When a friend introduced me to Reliv I had no idea how much the products would change my life." "Within a few months on Reliv Classic® nutritional supplement and Reliv Innergize!® sports drink, my headaches and migraines were gone," Carol reports.

Since then, Reliv FibRestore®, fiber-rich antioxidant supplement, also has given her relief from the severe intestinal problems she endured all her life, and Reliv ProVantage® soy-based performance enhancer has eased the effects of menopause and she has been able to discontinue hormone replacement therapy.

After being on the products for three years, Carol's stamina was put to the test when she lost her brother, mother and father in the span of two years. Through the ordeal, she never once got a headache or migraine. "These products not only helped me, they gave my mother relief when she was dying of cancer," Carol says. "For the last two years of her life, she was off the allergy and asthma medicine she'd depended upon for more than 50 years."

 Money-back guarantee.

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