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Success Stories
Reliv products have no equal. These products are patented, and completely balanced. Reliv is just nutritious food, it is safe and it WORKS! Read the stories below and find out how Reliv changes people's lives.

Major League Football Teams

1998- the St. Louis Rams were the second-worse team in the NFL.

1999- Head coach Dick Vermeil puts the players on Reliv products. They win the Superbowl. Dick Vermeil retires.

2000- New coach, elimintes all the old staff and wipes out everything, brings in new nutrition. Rams lose first play-off game.

2001- Dick Vermeil is hired to coach the Kansas City Chiefs. He has already contacted Reliv to put his new players on the Reliv products.

Shirley Polack Cheney, WA Shirley can once again enjoy gardening, horseback riding, and playing with her grandchildren. Shirley suffers from Barrets disease it effects the esophagus, causing pains in her heart and breastbone. She also suffers from arthritis, tendonitis and depression. Within 2 months of taking Reliv Classic, Fibrestore and Innergize, Shirley's Barret attacks lessened and she was able to discontinue her depression medication.

David Rose Omaha, NE David has lost 50 lbs. In eight weeks using Reliv Ultrim Plus and Cellebrate. He has been able to keep his weight off since spring of 2000. Not only has David's weight loss given him more energy and a better nights sleep, but David was able to quit taking his medication for Type II Diabetes.

Melva Johnson Ottawa, IL - Melva Johnson suffered for years from chronic health problems. She was in pain, hopeless, and depressed. She struggled each morning to get out of bed. She was plagued with chronic coughing, Fibromyalgia, muscle pains, irritable bowel, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure. After starting on Reliv Classic and Innergize, Melva saw results with all of her problems. She was even able to reduce her 40 vitamins and medications per day to 5 per day. After adding Reliv Revers Age to her to her diet, Melva is regaining the side vision she lost after suffering a stroke years ago. Melva is able to drive again.

Doug Muir Delray Beach, FL - After beating colon cancer in 1996, Doug was devastated to learn that his cancer had returned. Doug had surgery and chemotherapy to rid him of the cancer a second time. This time he was left with chronic leg pain. Doug set out to search for a balanced nutritional supplement. After being introduced to Reliv, he knew he had found what he was looking for. After taking Reliv for a month, his leg pain was significantly reduced. Doug was still fighting the cancer, showing signs of swollen lymph nodes and a depressed immune system. To Doug's and his doctors amazement, his follow up visit 4 months after starting Reliv showed no warning signs of the returning cancer. Doug was cancer free.

Reliv has made a significant impact in these people's lives. What a blessing to be able to help people lead more quality lives. Reliv is a blessing. A few minutes of your time may change someone's life. Call me for more information
614-582-4322 and leave a message. I'll get back to you ASAP.

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